Personal Artwork Analysis

01 Nov



Untitled mixed media 1 2012, Joshua Blake.

-This experimental piece made made for the purpose of practising and experimenting acquired technique. I focused on colour, composition, depth, contrast, texture as well as form.

-The ideology behind my subject is simple its the process of my brush or whatever colour in whatever media i am holding and accentuate existing lines and shape in order enhance my picture and build up my layers. But focusing on texture and a contrasting palette i try to capture my vivid photographic ideas in my head, here for instance my inspiration was graffiti art forms, thoughts of space water and bacterial for no particular reason, i just thought it.

– This piece is made up of a support including 9 pieces of wood (reclaimed wood), liquid concrete and craft nails. Acrylic, gauche  oil, died plaster (red), white plaster, wax, various alcohol based thinners as well as oil based and water based varnishes.

– When displayed the piece it will hang without evidence of suspension from wire screwed into the back, and no mater what way the piece is able to be viewed without any type of frame or border. I personally would prefer this work to be displayed by suspension but is able to be placed on an easel and presented like so, even so this piece could also be displayed flat about 100 cm from the ground on a plinth covered by glass. as of yet this piece is yet to exhibit let alone leave the studio.

– If i could link this work to any particular genres as a whole they would be surrealism, action painting (abstract expressionism),graffuturism and urban avant only as if it were chiselled off the wall an taken back to the studio for further working.

– To understand this piece i say you would not really need to understand to much, but politically speaking, possibly the idea and thought of motion, earth, fire, water, air, and a general understanding of organics.

– My ideas from space and time come from Sigmund Freud & Albert Einstein as well as various philosophers and artist of all kinds. Through my upbringing through the 90’s i saw a lot of controversy on the news as well as a lot of some of the worlds most beautiful things and as i child i didnt have much else except my imagination, so with my mind running wild being fed with images and the imagination that i had i suppose it just led to this without any major influences. If i could connect my art to any other artists works i would say Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg and alley cat

Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, oil on canvas, 1907

Robert rauschenberg, Untitled combine 1955. Mixed media

alley cat, Untitled

– Links to globalistion could possibly be the fact that my work has the ability to speak to anybody at any age no matter the knowledge of art, and was made to be able to communicate with various cultures from around the world. This peice contains elements of found objects as the main support is constructed out of peices of wood i found from around the studio. Recylcing is currently a global phenomenon.

-The only electronic thechnology that has impacted on my art is not necessarily seen here, but digital images and videos impact on me as an artist in the choice of colour and sometimes materials I use.

– Not particularlly aimed philistines, open minded young emerging artist should be able to grasp my concept quiet easily, and if not anybody who is open minded should not have an issue enjoying this peice.


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2 responses to “Personal Artwork Analysis

  1. Kieron Wilson

    November 4, 2012 at 11:45 am

    lots of media in that one heres an artist you might be able to compare this work with Renata Buziak (Google her images). anyway mate drop me an email ill add you to the book or something keep in touch

    • joshblakeart

      November 5, 2012 at 8:35 am

      awesome thanks mate..yeah sure will do, sounds cool! take care


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