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09 Aug

Approaching Equilibrium, Painted steel sculpture by Anthony Pryor in 1985

Goemetric abstraction, form, composition, line texture and tone are some evident elements of design within this peice.

There is a recognizable depiction of a steed or some sort of four legged object,within you can find yourself thinking of staircases,space and the beyond due to the futurist implements and structure.

This peice is made out of painted steel,with a semi hamertone sort like finish, giving the veiwer the idea of carefull analytical aesthetics based on the forms he has chosen to work with. The rough hamertone like finish not one hundred percent gloss nor matte gives me thoughts of industrial style buildings and structures. Industrial but beautiful!

Diplayed overlooking the city or at least you get a sense that it is up above overlooking,right on the edge of the river outside suggest a sort of freedom when i read this peice. Also makes me think about the trojan hourse!

Goemetric abstraction, Surreal and even find links to cubeism and dadaism if i may.

You must take the title “appoaching euqilibrium” into account in order to try and understand what it is this art work is trying to speak out about. I read that you must understand the currect status in order to understand where we are heading but where we are heading is not always recognizeable . Anyone who is interested in picasso or sigmund freud will may be able to understand quiet easily.

Form and presentation. with no restriction to what you are to beleive once you gaze this work, think and tell yourself what you want!

I think that being produced in 1985 a very free time in australia as well as a very politically confused country at that time would have to have played some role in the influence toward the concept. If that somehow is irrelevant then then evolution and the role of politics science and the progression of mandkind would definitely have had to play some role in the production of this.

Born in Melbourne in 1951, Anthony Pryor studied sculpture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, later becoming a lecturer there. He has exhibited his work – in wood, granite and steel – in most states and overseas, and has won several awards. Anthony Pryor died in 1991. His work is represented in the Australian National Gallery in Canberra and in the Victorian and Western Australian state galleries, as well as several tertiary and regional centres.  ( The fact he was a lecturer would have to mean that a manifestation with the fundamental thoughts of where his students may one day end up would indeed play a role in why he makes the art that he does,clearly not just his students either.

“Light Up,” by Tony Smith. This sculpture is installed outside of the library at the University of Pittsburgh. The color really livens up the gray Pittsburgh day. ([Image via] above)

I was reminded again of these awesome photos of sculptures that were commissioned by the Yugoslavian government in the 1960s and 1970s but then were all abandoned, sort of resembling a future society that fell and left its sad but poetic architecture behind. Or like if you landed on an alien planet that was no longer inhabited but you could still see the remnants of buildings that once were so used. Just love these. As found on Crack Two:

“These structures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place or where concentration camps stood. They were designed by different sculptors and architects, conveying powerful visual impact to show the confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic. After the Republic dissolved in early 1990s, they were completely abandoned, and their symbolic meanings were forever lost.” More amazing photos here.

Is this what our modern structures will look like in a few decades if they’re ever abandoned like this? An interesting thought to ponder…

(text and images-

Digital design and the abilty to gather a rough idea about exactly how a large scale of the work would turn impacted immensely due to the fact there is less chance the final product will be a failure.


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