Hip Hop, the Culture, Todays Society and Respect

27 Feb

Today when we generally think of Hip Hop most of us think of an urban culture with dance music, colorful clothing, bling, money, sexual exploitation and lavish lifestyles.

Why did the message get so twisted and the true meaning of this culture lost to a disposable society as what we live in today. We all know when this happened through out our culture’s history but why did it happen?
Societies development on many levels has taken from one and given to the other in order to advance and make life more simplified which I prefer in some cases to call dumbing down the nation i.e. the computer operating systems, technology, this has taken away our thought process allowing microchips to do all the processing for us.
Without trying to seem like some bitter old soul stuck back in the 70/80’s fearing change and the development of our culture, I’d like to take a minute to reach out to the youth to make a point that all cultures and all peoples of this Mother Earth have a truth story to share, it is History, Herstory, Theirstory, Ourstory, without this there can be no Truestory. Knowledge is the Key that opens the door to all these stories of Truth. I feel strongly that over the years these stories have been either not passed down or forgotten and now without this knowledge food these societies have now created a spin of from the truth to create its own version of histories creating its own  new timeline.
I/we are not pointing the finger, playing the blame game, we know we cannot change the past, however what we can and I implore “need to feed” the youth of today the true knowledge in order to bring the Truestory back upheld with Respect.
Today’s society has taught us to be independent and this do it yourself lifestyle has inadvertently cost us the respect for the very culture we hold so true to ourselves.
Todays society has taught us that we can be who ever we want to be especially from behind a computer screen, These social networks may have helped bring the world together but there are 2 sides to that coin, it has also allowed us to be anything we want behind the screen, talking down to one and other with no respect, lies and deciet.
Media strategy and marketing has taken our culture and twisted it into a money making machine watering down the knowledge of the culture turning it into Hip Pop a disposable outlet for the masses, by doing this it sends the message to the youth that nothing has longevity no more and thus the reprogramming is in play, which has the effect on the youth that nothing is forever and that those before them are of no importance in this Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop is nothing more than a catch phrase to make money using the urban youth as the pawns in their monopoly on society with these higher corporations. And this is exactly how they want it to be, they do not want us to use our brains and think for our self, they do not want you to know the true stories of our culture, they fear our truth’s so they use their power of greed and money to step into our culture to entice us, a wolf in sheep’s clothing excuse the metaphor to infiltrate us and most importantly divide us in order to conquer our united culture.
Hip Hop’s culture element of music is one of the only culture’s that has come to not respect it’s past, if you look at all other music genres you will find they always honor those before them, so why do we as a people of Hip Hop culture fail to honor our past, why is it we only come together when one of our elders is ill or in medical need etc. and once it has passed and all is ok we forget about them once again, it’s shameful that we act this way to those that gave you, us, we, me this culture we have managed to mistreat today. You/We respect our mother and fathers and all they do for us where possible, they have given us love and life correct? , Hip Hop has given you, us the tools in order to develop our lives and that love towards others in this culture, so why do we fail to continue this onto the next? I have a thought as to why and I feel partly responsible as a matter of fact some of our elders maybe responsible indirectly as well because everything today has been handed down on a silver platter for the youth to take, take, take with no hard work (paying one’s dues) and thus the give and take has gone the way to the take, take society, greed once again has infiltrated the minds of the youth through lack of knowledge by either poor leadership or no role model to pass down the truth, now I don’t personally blame the youth because they young and don’t know any better due to the media and mind controlling going on in our current society. This society has watered down so much it has also began to spawn a sissified culture where the truth can hurt especially when criticism is given in our culture, please stand up and take it like those leaders before, nothing was always easy otherwise you, we, us would not have our culture this long. Please note* this is not directed at all youth; this is a generalized example of the culture and society we are living through currently.
So where do we go from here, somehow we went from point A to point Z and missed all in between. There should be no shortcuts in a culture, you, we, I are all part of this culture and we need to look at this situation with some new perspective, example if this culture were a great oak tree with branches spanning all corners of our globe then we can utilize our great oak tree to be able to share knowledge from all over the globe back to the main trunk of the tree, we all can reach, share and teach one and other, the positives outweigh the negatives, just like the Great Universal Zulu Nation, it is this very Oak Tree so we need to feed the tree via its branches, chapters with knowledge so we can all get the True story and Respect for each others culture. What happens if you fail to feed the tree, it may just die….
I/we are writing this document to all people of our culture, to all leaders of our culture, to all those that can and have influence to bring about change by simply reaching out for the truth, to knowledge the brains of our youth for their benefit and the benefit of our culture for tomorrow. Seek out what really is Hip Hop culture from the grassroots up, seek out those that wrote our true story you will find our elders are still alive and well with us, use this tool the internet for a positive goal instead of gossip and most importantly let us all Each One, Reach One in order to Teach One so we can Free one from this mayhem that has turned this culture upside down, inside out that is getting ready to spit us out.
Peace, Right Knowledge, Truth,
Minister King Excel  – I.D.#711
Universal Zulu Nation
Zulu World Council
ANZ Regional Director
Australia Republic.
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